Mount St. Helens


There are many legends about Mount Saint Helens.

     One is a indian legend. It says since the eruption destroyed animals and other creatures they came to haunt them. They say there are fish with the heads of bears. The indians thought they held evil spirits. And they were coming back to haunt people. So the indians did not fish at that praticular lake which is called Spirit Lake. Only the kids would fish there. They did not believe in that nonsince.

    Another Indian legend is about evil spirits as well. It says evil spirits come out from the volcano to haunt local tribes. The Indians thought they came back to haunt them as well. So the legend says the spirits came to haunt them because they let white men and women sit at her feet. The local tribes thought the spirits would haunt them until they died.
                     A haunting story about The Vanishing Hitchhiker showed up in the Tacoma News Tribune. For months after Saint Helens erupted in 1980 divers in the Southwestern part in Washington reported seeing, and somtimes picking up a hitchhiker dressed in white. When people gave her a ride she would talk about the volcano. Once and a while warning them that the volcano would erupt between October 12 and 14. Then she disappeared like she was never there. The volcano did erupt on October 23 .